Moncton Entrepreneurs Win Big on Dragons’ Den

Tuxy Inc. maker of “the world’s best onesie” have secured investments from CBC Dragons Jim Treliving and Lane Merrifield

Tuxy Inc. maker of “the world’s best onesie” have secured investments from CBC Dragons Jim Treliving and Lane Merrifield

Moncton, NB January 17, 2019 - Three local entrepreneurs have secured an investment with Dragons’ Den stars Lane Merrifield and Jim Treliving for their onesie company, Tuxy Inc. The three founders, Derek Martin, Mario Leblanc and Marcel Leblanc went to Toronto to pitch their onesie business last May and have been in conversations with the two Dragons ever since. At the time, the founders only had one model of onesie, since that time they’ve released the same model for women and two children’s models.

When asked about his experience on the Den, Derek shared “facing the Dragons feels like the ultimate test in validating not only our product but our entire business, the entire experience although stressful was a childhood dream come true. I’m excited to have both Jim and Lane in Tuxy’s corner, having a great amount of respect and admiration for both investors I’m thrilled to have them on our journey of future growth and success.”

Tuxy Inc. has managed to succeed in securing investments from Jim Treliving, CBC Dragon for all 13 seasons and the Owner/Chairman of Boston Pizza International and Lane Merrifield who was new to the Den this year. Lane built his fortune from creating and growing the company Club Penguin. The children’s game was acquired by Disney in 2007. Lane, a Kelowna, BC resident now operates FreshGrade, a portfolio and assessment platform that helps educators, parents, and students have deeper conversations about learning.

When Jim was asked about Tuxy in the Den and he responded with “Derek, Mario and Marcel did an excellent job in the Den and I immediately took an interest in the brand. I appreciated the quality of the Tuxy and I know they have a solid pipeline of future products coming to the market. The craftiness of the founders makes me excited to work with them and we have a lot of positive things to look forward to in the near future.

Tuxy Inc. is an apparel company specializing in onesies that look like two pieces allowing the wearer to use them for many different applications. As the “world’s best onesie” they’re comfortable to wear with an elastic band connecting the top and bottom. They have models for men, women and children.

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